Tom Hanks is considered as a king on Instagram due to following reasons;

  • He is posting picture on lost items he found on new york streets, on Instagram
  • He is posting such pictures of abandoned items on Instagram for almost a year now
  • By posting pictures of lost items he was able to reunite the lost ID card of a college student in October, but It is still unclear if he is doing for just fun or for actually reuniting the lost things to the owner.
  • This strange habit of this actor seems to amuse the fan and followers.

The most affectionate sign of tom hanks on Instagram is his tweet showing ‘Hanx’, everybody loves tom hanks for his posts mostly. Tom Hanks is a famous Oscar-winning actor and we all need to admire him not just for his excellent acting skills but also for his funny good deeds for reuniting the lost items with the owner. The deed of finding the lost id card and then actually keeping it safe in order to return it to the owner was the kindest action of hanks. This action of hanks also made the girl super popular, just the 15 minutes of fame and a single tweet made this girl popular. Maybe it was her good luck that made her lose her id card.

If you happen to lose a glove in New York City while traveling and roaming than you don’t need to worry as tom hanks will get it covered for you and you shall be able to find it back.
Since the last year, this actor has been found in a habit of finding the lot items and then documenting them in the form of pictures and then in the form of Instagram posts. This was a strange and unusual habit of any individual but fortunately, tom hanks knew the right move and how to use it to create some fun and amusement for his followers.

The majority of the items spotted by hanks were gloves, shoes, purse, mittens, hats, socks and etc. the one id card he found made him and the owner both popular in no time. He shared the post saying that the owner can get it back from his office that was such a kind gesture of hanks.
The Instagram brought the lost card to the owner’s attention and Lauren ‘the id card owner’ was able to get it back.
Lauren explained that she was sitting in a library when her friend informed her that you have become all famous on Instagram and tom hanks the Oscar-winning actor has got your id card and has asked the owner to get it back from the office. This made Lauren super excited and happy. Anyone can be a Instagram king now due to social media services like, buy real instagram followers, views, likes, comments etc.
Such kind of posts has made tom hanks to gain much importance and fame on Instagram. His followers literally waist for his new posts and specifically for any lost items that he might have found.

People have food security when they have sufficient food at all times to maintain the healthy life. They must have adequate nutritious food at all time easily to be considered food secure. It consists of three elements.

Food access

People in a community can consider food secure when they have easy access to the nutritious food. They can access food by purchasing from the market. They can borrow it from any source. They can produce at their own expense in the land. Food can be accessed through gift or aid by others.

Food availability

Food security means that food must be available to the people at all times on regular basis. This food can be available through the production at agricultural land, stock, and aid from others.

Food utilization

Food should be available for the health maintenance. It must be nutritious and available after cooking. Cooking should be done with the care of hygiene practices and water purification. Food must cast positive impact on the health of people.


Security of food is essential to maintain the healthy life of individuals in a society. If food access, availability, and utilization are weak then people would have the insecurity of food. It results in hunger for the population in a society. It impacts on the health of people in a negative way.

Types of food insecurity

Food insecurity occurs due to food non-availability, non-utilization, and non-access. This insecurity can be of two types.


Chronic insecurity of food occurs when people do not have sufficient food for a long period of time. They have inadequate food consistently in this situation.


This food insecurity occurs when food is not sufficient for a shorter period of time. This less availability of food may be due to different factors such as insufficient income, a price increase of food items and non-availability of food due to poor agricultural activities. This is termed as the hungry season. Poor people in a society may face temporal insecurity of food due to high prices of food items.

Food security help people to grow and maintain their standard of life. Insufficiency of food may lead to the:


It occurs as a result of non-availability of essential nutrients in food items. This may cause the death of an individual. Annually, 15-20 million death occurs due to malnutrition. Proper nutrients are essential to maintaining the healthy life. Security of food destroys if nutrients are not included in food items.


Undernourishment is associated with the lack of calories in the food items. This results in the disability of certain parts of body and weaknesses in the body. This may result into chronic diseases such as cancer and heart failure. Food security is essential for maintain the healthy life.

So food security is very important for the standard of life and health maintenance. Poor people in different countries have food insecurity due to insufficient food caused by certain factors. We can provide aid and gifts to such people for the proper availability of food items at all time.

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