There are countless energy sources that we have in modern era. Some of them are known as the non-renewable sources while others are renewable or green energy sources. The renewable energy sources are the ones that are decreasing with the time. For example, oil, gas, coal, etc. are some of the sources that we commonly use in modern era. However, with the time, their count is decreasing and eventually one day, may be after a century or two, they will retire. However, the green energy sources such as sun, wind, water are the ones that will exist till human life. Without sun or wind or water, the human life will become extinct. Therefore, these are the renewable energy sources that will not be depleted with the passage of time. Today, we are going to take a look at the types of renewable energy sources that are not common.

Uncommon renewable energy sources

While there are well known sources like wind, sun and water, many people do not know about the following:

  • Hydrogen and Fuel Cells: It is a type of energy that is available to us in abundance. Moreover, when we will utilize it and convert it into other useful energy forms, the amount of pollution will also be highly less. We can use it as a fuel to power the vehicles and use water as the only product for its combustion. It will lower down the pollution level. Moreover, we can also use it in the fuel cells that can aid in powering the electrical machinery like motors. However, using it to as an energy source will require a good investment and you will have to consider multiple factors before its use. Therefore, the attention towards its use it not too high.
  • Geothermal Power: Geothermal power is the energy that we get from the core of our planet. The depth of our planet, its core, it too hot and we can get a significant amount of heat energy from there. Considering this, there are certain points in our planet where this energy becomes too strong. The governments are making use of plants and utilize the energy coming from the core of earth in order to generate electricity. But there are certain problems with this method. The most significant of all is that there are only few locations where one can install a geothermal plant. However, by making its use, we can lower down the burden on other non-renewable energy sources.
  • Hydrogen Fusion: It is a reaction that we can create with ease and obtain energy from it. However, in order to get a good amount of power, we have to do it on a large scale which will take some doing. However, scientists are trying to figure out how they can use it easily in so that they can reduce the load on other energy sources.

So, these are some uncommon yet usable types of renewable energy. The common types include wind, sun and water.

You may have opportunities for the job after your education. You may have options to work with the for-profit organization and not for profit organization. It depends on your purpose of doing the job. It is very less often that people choose to work with non-profit organization instead of the profit organization. Such people have perception beyond the wealth maximization. It is important to describe why you should join such organization. Some of the reason behind this decision are as follows.

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Transferable skills

You may have the reason of having transferable skills for working with such organization. These transferable skills are skills which you have learned during your study. You may utilize these skills during the task performance in a non-profit. This is a set of skills which is needed to perform the job at such organizations. A huge number of such jobs are available which require your transferable skills. You should not need the extra skills for the job performance of such organizations. This is the reason behind the decision of working with nonprofit organizations. Several people move from the for-profit sector to the nonprofit due to this reason.


If you are creative and want to improve yourself, you can join a nonprofit. Such organizations help you to utilize your creative ideas and new thinking styles. In this way, you will grow yourself through such organizations and then move to the higher level. The nonprofit sector is innovating with the passage of years. For example, leadership Institute is innovating its projects and leadership perspective.

Diverse opportunities

Working with the nonprofit may lead to utilize your multiple talents by providing different opportunities. Such organizations may transfer you from one department to the other where you can boost your skills level. You may have a number of responsibilities in the nonprofit such as fundraising, meetings, surveys and event management. Diverse opportunities can help you to groom your personality and job performance skills.

Gain more experience

You can gain more experience by doing the job at the non-profit organization. At such organizations, you meet with the people from the diverse regions and you have to communicate with them. This interaction helps you to grow your communication skills. In these organizations, different and new activities are performed each day. These creative and diverse activities enable you to gain experience. You have to work on different projects each day in such organizations.

Communication with the top management

The non-profit organization is a place where you can communicate with your boss easily. You can interact with the top management without any discomfort. This allows you to gain the valuable experience. This is the major reason behind working with a nonprofit. People prefer nonprofit instead of the for-profit sector due to this reason. You can create communication network with your boss and top management. You can share your problems related to the job and give the suggestions for the projects easily.

So, a non-profit organization, due to their diverse opportunities, enable the job performers to utilize their skills efficiently. You should join nonprofit due to such availabilities.